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7 Signs Your Relationship Won’t Last On The Road 7 Signs Your Relationship Won’t Last On The Road
Truck driving is a great path to go down in order to bring home a more than respectable living. However, it can be the... 7 Signs Your Relationship Won’t Last On The Road

Truck driving is a great path to go down in order to bring home a more than respectable living. However, it can be the nail in the coffin of a dying marriage or a relationship that’s been on the rocks – if you don’t know how to handle it properly.

Managing a relationship away from home has a truckload of challenges, but thousands of men and women are able to do it everyday. Unfortunately, some duos are not meant to last for the long-haul. Here are some indicators that your driving career will outlast your romance:

1. Your partner accuses you of being unfaithful.

When you find yourself locking eyes with the green-eyed monster of jealousy every time you’re out of town for a while, it might mean that you want to pump the brakes on your relationship.

It is very common for partners to worry about cheating while you’re away. However, as a trucker, there’s barely enough time to grab your 40 winks, let alone find new lovers. Although, there are a lot of truck drivers that do stray on the road, that doesn’t mean your partner should throw wild accusations if you are being a loyal partner.

2. Your conversations are crammed with complaints.

Sure there are a lot of things that truck drivers find themselves complaining about; long hours, stiff backs, lack of sleep, ect. But when you’re already holding back the urge to moan and gripe about your hard-earned living, a nagging spouse, boyfriend, or girlfriend is the last thing you want to hear when you finally get to talk to them.

If your significant other is nagging in your ear while you’re away working and possibly supporting them, then it might be a reason why you cut them loose sooner or later.

3. Your partner resents you. Or, you resent your partner.

Resentment in any relationship is like buying a one-way ticket to Splitsville. It’s easy for someone to feel like they’re the only one suffering in a relationship, but it’s important to understand it goes two-ways.

Some partners resent their other-halves because they may have to take on most of the burden of childcare. They might say things like, “sometimes I feel like I’m a single parent” or “you just sit around all day while I am running around taking care of our house all day, everyday!” These are normal feelings, but when it escalates out of control, it might mean your romance is about to crash and burn. It can work the opposite way, too.

If you find yourself being cross with your partner for being able to be home and take it out on them, then you’re not showing the signs that you should be in that relationship.

4. You aren’t growing together.

If you aren’t able to look past the obstacles that come from being long-distance, then often times your relationship will simply run out of gas. It’s easy to tell that you’re not growing when you stop making long-term plans, you aren’t excited to see them when you are home, and you don’t feel good about yourself when you’re around them.

5. Your partner is acting more distant.

Besides the literal distance of miles that may separate you from your partner, if they begin to seem less talkative then it may be a major red flag. Are they sending you one word texts when they used to send novels? Or maybe you have trouble reaching them but notice that they have been on Facebook chat all day. It could be that they’re losing interest or maybe even pursuing someone else.

6. Your goals are different.

If your partner doesn’t share the same values and dreams as you, it isn’t wise to keep it going. A healthy relationship thrives on balance.

7. You just aren’t happy.

That feeling in your gut that is telling you that it’s not working isn’t just the aftermath of the Chinese takeout you ate last night. Your intuition is probably the most important factor in knowing whether or not to continue your relationship.

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