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What Do You Drink On The Road?
Truck Drivers Need Fluids As Much As Their Rigs Do. Truckers work hundreds of hours and drive thousands of miles each month. Our schedules vary, sometimes driving from early morning until sunset and the next day driving all night through a storm to get the load delivered on time.... Read more
The Importance of Wheel Inspections
It was a dark and snowy day of driving across the Midwest when I first discovered what could’ve quickly turned into a major accident. As frustrating as it is to have problems, especially when running a tight schedule, I feel very blessed to have found the cracks in my steer wheel before the problem... Read more
What Makes a Professional Truck Driver Professional?
Does just making a living by driving a truck make a person a professional truck driver? Uh, no. There’s a lot more to it than just making money. I’d say that goes for an profession. Remember this: you are a business person, whether your office is in Goldman-Sachs or... Read more
Sleeping Challenges for Truck Drivers
Getting Proper Rest While On The Road is Hard One of the big challenges most long-haul truck drivers face is getting enough quality sleep. Even though the government has made laws for the amount of time off we are supposed to have, they haven’t figured out how to make... Read more
Spring Driving Safety Tips
Spring is here…almost. Time for some spring driving safety tips. It was the first time I’d seen a “Watch for Ice” sign in front of a row of palm trees. That made me think about the broad weather extremes we encounter as professional drivers. After a long, rough winter... Read more