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    Do you have a fridge in your truck?
    A microwave?
    A coffee maker?

    What do YOU use to keep yourself fueled when you’re on the road?
    Do you try to keep it healthy..and if so, how?
    What kind of food do you stock in the truck and why did you choose it?



    I have a small Waeco fridge in my truck & keep it stocked each week with stuff like milk, juice, coffee creamer, strawberry jam, yogurt & a few other things that need to be kept cool. I always have crackers on hand, along with bread, tuna and peanut butter & things to make sandwiches. I’ve tried SPAM on a couple occasions, but it doesn’t always set well with me.

    I use a small, 12-volt coffee maker on mornings when I’m not parked at a truck stop to get coffee in the store.

    There’s usually a flat of bottled water in my truck, as well as a couple gallons of drinking water I can use for washing up or making coffee, etc. I always stock up on this stuff at Walmart because it’s less than half the cost most truck stops charge.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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