How To Lose That Rubbin Feeling & Defeat Chafing How To Lose That Rubbin Feeling & Defeat Chafing
Chafing Is A Common Issue For Professional Drivers Chafing: a lot of folks might think it’s too personal to talk about. I’m going to... How To Lose That Rubbin Feeling & Defeat Chafing

Chafing Is A Common Issue For Professional Drivers

Chafing: a lot of folks might think it’s too personal to talk about. I’m going to write about it because it’s important – especially with hot summer weather just around the corner.

Rubbing, chafing, heat rash, red irritation eventually leading to raw, painful sores which can actually make it hard to walk normally, not to mention sit for any length of time.

What Is Monkey Butt or Jeep Drivers Butt?

A slang term for chafing on your tail end is, “monkey butt”, due to the way it can leave a person’s back side looking unnaturally pink, like a baboon. Back in the days of World War II, soldiers used to get raw from bouncing around the countryside in a Willy’s Jeep, hence the term, “jeep drivers butt”.

Whatever you choose to call the issue, it’s uncomfortable at best and can lead to worse problems. It happens in other places, too – some people get chafing under the arms, some get prickly feet from sweat and heat. (You didn’t know I was a poet?)

It’s not uncommon for professional drivers to get a little chaffed after spending many hours in the driver’s seat, day after day. Even with the air conditioning running in the summer and daily showers, when you spend so much time bouncing around in the seat, well, that friction causes irritation. The problem is not purely a matter of hygiene.

TSG Tip: There’s actually a product called “anti-monkey butt” which I haven’t tried yet. What I have tried and always have on hand when I’m on the road, is Gold Bond powder. It works miracles and has a nice, cool, soothing effect.

Here’s the catch: you have to use it before you have a real problem.

Here are some tips for easing chafing:

  • Apply it a couple times a day wherever you have the issue (on dry skin, not any open wounds or raw spots).
  • Works great in your boots, under arms, where you sit & where your legs rub.
  • Keep as clean as possible while on the road. This goes for your body and your clothes.
  • Try looser-fitting clothing and a lighter-weight material. Nylon, polyester or even spandex shirts, shorts & underwear are a huge relief in hot weather. Cotton should be avoided for area where you rub or sweat much.
  • Take breaks to get out of the seat as often as is reasonably possible. Stretch & air out.
  • Try using wet wipes or a wet washcloth in between available showers to clean your skin. This removes salts left from evaporated perspiration.
  • If you do end up with an open sore or raw spot, powders may not help it heal. A therapeutic cream or lotion is probably best until the skin heals.

Take good care of YOU. At the end of each day, your health & safety are what’s most important.

Have you found something that works well for you? Share your tips, experiences and suggestions in the comments area, below.


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  • Timmy Stevenson

    I have to agree with the comment about having to put it on before it really becomes a problem. There has been many time that my friend had suggested to use something for the long distance cross country truck driving. You have to be prepared, he always said. Anyways, he used the rave about Anti Monkey Butt and tell me that as a daily bike rider that I should be using this stuff because I always are having my legs. I’m telling you, I have been a gold Bond guy for years and have made the change real quick after trying Anti Monkey Butt. They even have talc free products for you lady drivers and bikers. If you are curious, check out to see what other products they got. Great post, I gotta tell my friend about this article.

  • After I gained the freshman 15 in college I noticed I began to chafe. Their is no worse feeling than this. I was chatting with my girlfriends one day and one of them brought up Anti Monkey Butt. The name itself was a conversation starter. All jokes aside I decided to order a tub of it off of amazon. To my surprise my chafing was reduced drastically. I don’t go a day without my Anti Monkey Butt. My older sister even got hooked on using it as baby powder for diaper rash.

    It is a must try-you will be hooked


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