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Little America Flagstaff Arizona Truck Stop Review

An excellent place to stay overnight or longer. I was impressed and will be back next time through. If the parking lot were larger or had painted lines, this would be a full 5-star place but it’s still one of the highest rated stops I’ve seen. Highly recommended!

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Dragoon Mountains, Arizona
Not far from Tombstone, Arizona and the land of famous gunfighters such as Wyatt Earp, are the Dragoon Mountains. This photo was taken at the Interstate 10 westbound rest area along the Dragoons. Interesting rock formations, such as I’ve not seen elsewhere, are a trademark of the range. Read more
Two Guns, Arizona

Two Guns, Arizona

Photos March 25, 2014 0

I’m not sure if Two Guns is an actual town, but it shows up as a spot on the map, a couple miles from the famous Meteor Crater in Arizona. There’s a roomy rest area there, and that’s where I captured this photo of a sweet rock formation. Read more