Trucker\'s Survival Guide
How To Protect Your CDL
Your Commercial Drivers License (CDL) is obviously a very valuable asset… Do you know how to protect your CDL? For anyone who makes their living as a commercial driver, losing their CDL would be as devastating as an attorney being disbarred or a doctor being decertified. It completely changes how... Read more
How Valuable is a Commercial Drivers License?
Who Needs A CDL? In any economy, having a good income & solid career is very important to most people. Few career options out there provide the income potential, flexibility and diversity from entry-level to 5-decade-veteran that commercial truck driving offers. If you have a Commercial Drivers License (CDL)... Read more
Being A Truck Owner Operator – What I Learned The Hard Way

The idea of becoming a trucking owner-operator was very enticing due to the promise of a significantly higher gross income, more freedom and the concept of being in business for myself. Little did I really know!

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7 Signs Your Relationship Won’t Last On The Road

Truck driving is a great path to go down in order to bring home a more than respectable living. However, it can be the nail in the coffin of a dying marriage or a relationship that’s been on the rocks – if you don’t know how to handle it properly.

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Dealing with Negative Opinions – The Difference Between Fact & Opinion
Truck drivers deal with many kinds of negativity on a daily basis – and while each kind has its own challenge, negative opinions can be especially rough when they come from someone who’s close to us. Negative comments can cut like a knife…or fester over time like a tiny sliver, making life... Read more
How Life Coaching Can Help You On Your Path To Health & Success
The Pressures Of Being On The Road Many professional drivers may not know how to handle the unique pressures of being out on the road day after day. It’s a demanding job – I know that personally because my husband is an over-the-road driver and we’ve been associated with... Read more
16 Rules for Success in Business and Life in General
The Reluctant Billionaire Forbe’s calls Bob Parsons “The Reluctant Billionaire”. As’s CEO & Founder, Parsons has spent his entire life working to make more, do better and achieve as much as possible in life’s pursuit of happiness. He’s gone from decorated combat Marine to technology marketing genius/philanthropist, now... Read more
Change Your Brain’s Diet, Your Thoughts, Your Feelings
In this episode of Trucker’s Survival Guide’s series “On The Road with Cole”, Cole explains GIGO & describes how to begin changing feelings & thoughts by first changing what you feed your mind.   Read more