Truck GPS Reviews Series Truck GPS Reviews Series
The ability to navigate safely and efficiently is absolutely vital to commercial transportation. TSG reviews several of these options in-depth, putting the navigation through... Truck GPS Reviews Series

Truck GPS Reviews

The Importance Of Truck GPS

The ability to navigate safely and efficiently is absolutely vital to commercial transportation. When I first started driving big trucks, there were no truck-specific GPS units. A decade ago, automotive GPS units were gaining a foothold in the marketplace but then they still cost nearly twice as much as a high-end truck GPS is today.

While automotive GPS units are usually fine to get a non-commercial vehicle from point A to point B, they prove very inadequate when navigating in a semi truck. For one thing, trucks are BIG. There are roads where trucks can’t legally drive and bridges they can’t cross over or fit underneath.

Truck drivers need to carefully plan their trips daily based on where to fuel, take the driver’s federally mandated break, find parking for the night and know where the weigh stations/ports of entry are located in addition to quickly finding repair services along the route.

Back In The Day…

Over the decades before GPS (Global Positioning Satellite) technology was available for civilian & commercial use, truck drivers would drive coast to coast using a commercial motor vehicle road atlas and written directions they’d get either from their dispatcher or by calling the shipper or receiver. Sure, it worked but it was far from convenient and there were problems.

If you’ve ever played that game of “pass the phrase on to the next person”, you can understand how directions can get really messed up from the shipper to your corporate office to the dispatcher and finally, you, the driver.

In just the past 10-20 years, traffic, metropolitan congestion, road construction, strict regulations regarding height, weight, length, axle numbers, etc., etc., – all accompanied by very stiff fines – have all played a contributing role in simple navigation becoming more & more of a challenge.

Truck GPS Reviews

Truck drivers now have quite a few options for truck-specific GPS navigation, from factory installed in-dash navigation to apps for smartphones & tablets, to 7″ screen hardware GPS units.

In the next few weeks, we’ll review several of these options in-depth, putting the navigation through it’s paces and dissecting the pros & cons of available GPS options. Finally, we’ll put the GPS’s head to head (or side by side) in a real-world use practical comparison.

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