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TSG Site News, Updates & Changes TSG Site News, Updates & Changes
TSG is making a few changes and now we want your opinion! Read & cast your vote... TSG Site News, Updates & Changes

You may have noticed I’ve been less active on Truckers Survival Guide and social media recently, but I must say, “rumors of my death are greatly exaggerated”.

Life Gets In The Way

Life and business often take a little extra time & effort to keep going properly. Right now life is going pretty well. Business… eh, it’s been a struggle. Mainly due to a truck which loves to break down just before I can pay off the previous repairs. This always leaves a person in an awkward, uncomfortable position. More on that – much more – in future posts.

News, Updates & Changes

Truckers Survival Guide will have a couple changes I want to tell you about.

First, we’re backing way down on the number of truck stop reviews we post and how often. It seems some folks feel once they’ve seen one Pilot (for example), they’ve “seen ’em all”. OK.

I’m still going to review truck stops, just more selectively. You spoke, TSG listened.

Site Memberships & Such

Second on the list is something I’ve mulled over a lot since even before putting TSG together. It’s memberships to the site. Starting right away, you don’t need a membership to comment on any articles here. As before you don’t need a membership to leave your own rating on any of the reviews, either.

Please do comment on the articles. I want your feedback – and it’s good for others who visit and could benefit from your perspective.

You’ll still need to register for free to participate in the forums but that’s simply to cut down on spam & any “troll” types.

Also, if you do register your TSG membership & are logged in, you won’t need to fill out your name & email to comment or leave ratings on reviews.

Upcoming Stuff

It’s been a while since we promised a Truck GPS Review Series. There were issues with some of what I’ve been testing and I wanted to give the manufacturer(s) a fair chance to rectify the situation.

Well, they’ve had their chance and I’m busy writing up the rest of the reviews. 🙂

Wanted: Your Opinion

To close for now, I’d love your opinion on something. Actually, if you have ideas or something you’d like to see on TSG, please leave a comment below and share that, too.

I get that there are already some awesome trucking forums online. I read them and sincerely hope you do, too.

Since so much valuable information is already in those places, should TSG keep our own forums online, or devote more time & space to other things?

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